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March 04, 2006

Architect for Javits Center Backpedals on Anti-Israel Boycott

Recently it was revealed that Lord Richard Rogers, lead architect for the $1.7 billion Javits Center in New York, hosted the first meeting of a group calling for boycott of firms doing business with Israel. This revelation caused a quite a stir in New York. The meeting was held in secret and apparently Rogers didn't expect to be called to account for his association with the anti-Israel crowd. He backpedaled and dissociated himself from the group which was chaired by his close friend Abe Hayeem. (The Javits Center is named after the famous Jewish Senator who was a lifelong advocate for the state of Israel.)

Read Melanie Phillips's article on the boycott of Israel as part of a broader trend to

single out the one country on the planet that is targeted for extermination, first by demonising it with a campaign of lies and then severing its intellectual and economic lifelines to the so-called civilised world.

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