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April 09, 2006

BBC Bias Continues

Criticized in the past by CAMERA for highlighting Palesitnian grievances and blaming Israel, while miniimizing or glossing over Palestinian violence and terrorism, BBC is at it yet again.

A quick glance at BBC Web site headlines this week would suggest that Israel is always the aggressor and Palestinians the perpetual victims. For example, on the increasing Palestinian rocket fire into Israel and the IDF's response, BBC headlines were:

Israeli shells kill Palestinian ( 4/9//2006 )

Six die in new Israeli air strike (4/8/2006)

Israeli missile kills two in Gaza (4/8/2006)

Six killed in Israeli air strike (4/8/2006)

Israel launches air raids on Gaza ( 4/7/2006)

Israeli missiles hit PA compound ( 4/4/2006)

Skimming these headlines, one would never know that this past week, Palestinian terrorists fired over 40 Kassam rockets from Gaza into the Negev or that since Israel withdrew from Gaza last summer, over 440 rockets were launched from PA-controlled Gaza towards western Negev communities.

Similarly, an article by Alan Johnston entitled "Jailed MPs a symbol for Palestinians " seems more like a Palestinian press release than news analysis. It paints a sympathetic portrait of jailed Palestinians and suggests that while some may have been jailed for planning suicide bombings, Israel often uses petty excuses to detain Palestinians in order to "suppress resistance" to occupation. In other words, Johnston echoes the Palestinian propaganda line. Nowhere in the article is there any description of the heinous massacres committed by the jailed terrorists.

Posted by RH at April 9, 2006 12:22 AM


Unlike Fatah, Hamas doesn't even condemn the missiles. We pulled out of the Gaza Strip. There is no more excuse to fire Qassams or place explosive devices near the fence.

Israel has arretsted more than 90 potential suicide bombers in the first three months of the year. More than half of all of last year. Hamas has no money and the natives are getting restless.

Am I the only post?Lets get some action on this blog site!

Posted by: gershon at April 11, 2006 03:05 AM

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