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July 08, 2007

After Seven Good Years, A NY Times Relapse on 242

NYT mag Livni.jpe
Roger Cohen's feature today on Tzipi Livni errs on UN resolutions

In 2000, the New York Times was on a roll -- misreporting, and correcting, UN resolutions on Israel's boundaries three times in three months. A Sept. 8, 2000 correction, for example, stated:

While Security Council Resolution 242, passed after the 1967 Middle East War, calls for Israel’s armed forces to withdraw "from territories occupied in the recent conflict," no resolution calls for Israeli withdrawal from all territory, including East Jerusalem, occupied in the war.

That series of corrections ensured that for almost seven years the paper of record did not repeat the error. Until today, that is. Today's New York Times Magazine contains a lengthy feature by Roger Cohen on Tzipi Livni, which errs:

Livni brought out a map to make her point that a return to the precise 1967 lines -- as UN resolutions and the Arab peace plan reiterated this year in Riyadh demand -- was impractical.

CAMERA has contacted editors. Stay tuned for a correction. Let's hope that after seven good years, this is not the beginning of seven bad years.

UPDATE: Mediacrity does a fine job of fisking the entire feature.

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