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March 01, 2009

Ha'aretz Apologizes for Slander of Jaffa Yeshiva

IMRA reports today:

While Haaretz Magazine featured an article trashing the Jaffa yeshiva back
on 21 November 2008 that was also on the Hebrew and English websites, the
following apology in Hebrew appears on page 4 of the printed edition of the
27 February 2009 edition of the magazine section and a search for it in
Hebrew and English fails to find it on the Haaretz websites:


In the article about Rabbi Eliyahu Mali.and the Jaffa yeshiva (Haaretz
Magazine 21.11.2008) there were a number of mistakes.

In contrast to what was written, Rabbi Mali did not discuss taking over the
Temple Mount with his students, his students were never involved at their
initiative in clashes with Arabs, and here is no evidence that he should be
suspected. This and more.

... the remarks of one of the people interviewed in the article that "Arab
haters came to settle in Jaffa: and that there is a connection between the
opening of the yeshiva and the evacuation of Arab residents by Amidar were
expressing his views only and do not represent the views of the editors.
The editors of the Haaretz Magazine apologize for the publication of these

For more on uncorrected Ha'aretz errors and falsehoods, see here. The uncorrected Ha'aretz report in English is available here.

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