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April 15, 2009

Washington Post Misses Hezbollah in Egypt

The Wall Street Journal made it the lead “World News� section article for April 13 — “Egypt Arrests 49 In Planned Attacks.� That is, 49 members of a Hezbollah
cell allegedly planning attacks on Israeli tourists and smuggling weapons to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The news appeared to confirm Hezbollah-Hamas assistance, Hezbollah’s use of Egypt as a base, and exemplify tension between Hezbollah’s patrons — Iran and Syria — and the largest Arab country

The Washington Times published an Associated Press dispatch headlined “Hezbollah: Egypt: Israeli tourists targeted; Destabilization said to be aim� the same day.

The New York Times followed on April 14 with a lengthy article, “Egypt Accuses Hezbollah of Plotting Attacks in Sinai and Arms Smuggling to Gaza.�

The Washington Post did not report this on April 13, 14, or 15, though former McClatchy Newspapers’ Washington bureau chief and CAMERA member Leo Rennert called it to the paper’s attention on April 14.

The Post recently eliminated its free standing, daily business section and folded the remnants into its “A� section with national and world news, reducing space available for foreign coverage. But the Journal, New York Times and Washington Times, dealing with economic pressures similar to those felt by The Post, recognized and found room for this important story.

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