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November 09, 2009

Ha'aretz Errs on Area C Building

Akiva Eldar's Op-Ed in the English edition of Ha'aretz today reads:

Sixty percent of the West Bank is described as Area C, and no Palestinian building is allowed there.

Even according to a Peace Now study covered by Ha'aretz, Eldar's statement is false:

Israel denied 94 percent of the building permit requests submitted by Palestinians living in Area C of the West Bank over the past seven years, the Peace Now group reported Thursday.

70,000 Palestinians live in Area C, which according to the Oslo Accord gives Israel full civilian and military control of the area.

In all, 91 of 1,624 requested permits were approved, Peace Now said.

Given Peace Now's errors on other statistics (see here and here), CAMERA is currently fact-checking this number. Regardless, Eldar's claim that no Palestinian building in Area C is permitted is false.

Moreover, the Hebrew version of the very same article doesn't make that claim, but instead is more careful, stating:

ול? מותרת ש? כמעט בנייה פלסטינית

Which means that almost no building is permitted.

Ha'aretz has repeatedly made similar false claims about building permits for Arabs in eastern Jerusalem.

Posted by TS at November 9, 2009 03:52 AM


Boy are you ever missing the larger picture. So it turns out that in the span of seven years Israel approved a total of 91 building requests by Palestinians in Area C of the West Bank. What magnanimous generosity by the occupying power!

You might have mentioned that during the same period 18,472 houses and apartments were built in Jewish settlements in the West Bank. This info is from the same Peace Now study that you cite, based on data from Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics.

Posted by: reader at November 9, 2009 05:38 AM

So "reader", how many Jewish houses were built in Area? Oh that's right -none! Because it's considered treason to sell your property to a Jew.

Posted by: RT at November 14, 2009 04:13 AM

RT - Virtually all Jewish settlements in the West Bank are in Area C, the area over which Israel has complete military control. You obviously have no idea about the distinctions between Areas A, B and C. Best that you not comment about things which you know nothing about.

Posted by: reader at November 16, 2009 04:39 AM

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