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January 13, 2010

Benn Blind to Palestinian Workers

"Sharon's real legacy - keeping the Arabs out of sight" is the online headline for Aluf Benn's Op-Ed in Ha'aretz today, but it is Benn who is blind to the Palestinians working in Israel. (The print edition's headline is "Palestine? Where's That?") He writes:

In the past Israel's economy relied on Palestinian workers, but only older Israelis remember them at restuarants, construction sites and gas stations.

I am a 33-year-old residing in the Israeli city of Modiin and I regularly see Palestinian construction workers at building sites in this rapidly growing city. And that's no surprise, since the Labour Force Survey (July-September 2009) published by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics found that 14.3 percent of employed Palestinians from the West Bank work in Israel and in Israeli settlements. Thus, according to the PCBS, of the 694,800 West Bank Palestinians over the age of 15 who are in the work force, 97,272 are employed in Israel and Israeli settlements. (Of those, 51.5 percent work in construction.)

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