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January 24, 2010

Pedatzur on Israel's Al-Dura Blunder

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Reuven Pedatzur revisits the Mohammed Al Dura case today in Ha'aretz, and slams the Israeli Foreign Ministry for failing to challenge the widely reported version of events. He reminds readers of the holes in France 2's story:

The cameraman's testimony is full of contradictions. He says that "the soldiers shot the two in cold blood for 45 minutes." However, if the IDF soldiers wanted to hit Mohammed and his father in "cold blood" they could have killed them in less than a minute. Regarding the question of how many bullets were fired toward the two, Abu Rahma said "at least 400." The wall at the site of the incident clearly shows eight holes.

Karsenty managed to acquire the raw footage of Abu Rahma, including the 10 seconds of film after Enderlin declares that "Mohammed is dead," which shows the child raising his hand and peering toward the camera. Nowhere in the footage are bullets seen hitting the bodies of father and son, even though the father claims he was hit by 12 bullets and his son by three. No blood was found at the site of the incident.

Mohammed al-Dura was buried in a funeral attended by masses. However, the child who was buried was brought to Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip at 10 A.M., according to the testimony of a doctor who admitted him. The shots at the Netzarim junction began only at 2 P.M., and Mohammed was taken away from the site at 3 P.M. In the photographs shown by a Gaza pathologist, a child who had been hit by bullets is seen, but his injuries are not the sort that Jamal spoke of. While the father says that Mohammed was hit in his right leg, the boy at Shifa was hit in his left leg. A biometric identification expert compared the photograph of the child who was buried and the child at the Netzarim junction, and found that they are different.

The father, Jamal, claims that 12 bullets hit his body, and he proudly shows off the scars on his arms. However, Shapira found Dr. Yehuda David, who says that he operated on him six years before the incident and that the scars are the result of knife wounds.

Posted by TS at January 24, 2010 07:45 AM


This is not new information. However, the al Dura fiasco has become the Pali's most potent weapon in the amazingly successful propaganda war they have waged against Israel. However, their successes would never have happened without the support of a willing and very antisemitic western press corps!

As was pointed out many years ago, an example of how this bias works is very simple:
--first, you get a simple minded recent college graduate (who has been brought up on a toxic mixture of self loathing for their own culture when compared to those of the third world and a heavy dose of anti "Israeli"-ism).
--Second you assign this person to do nothing but run stories of the most horrid lies imaginable painting the Israeli's as inhuman monsters and the Arabs as victims.
--Third, and very important, the press agency must NEVER allow the new reporter to come into contact with anything pro Israel...EVER. If this happens, the pro information must be painted in the light of theft or intransigence. An example is "the wine in Israel is stolen because the vineyard was built on ground originally belonging to the caveman Alley Oop and his family and was stolen by evil orc like settlers".

After about five years, a test is given and this new reporter is allowed to "write" and article. If any pro Israel information is written, or they do not carry the party line (Fatah=good, Hamas= misunderstood resistance, Israeli child =settler-brought-forth-by-Sauron), then the reporter is fired! After this test is passed, the brainwashed mamser "reporter" is released into the press corps. Which is why we read an exchange like the following:
Mamser reporter to terrorist: "Excuse me Mr. Resistor, why are you bombing the evil zionist entity offspring which come forth from the bowels of the earth which they refer to as 'children' while they go to pre-school?
Terrorist: "because they are starving our children."
--THIS is taken in as unquestionable fact! No further inquiry into the veracity of that statement is needed or would be tolerated!--
Mamser reporter to Israeli mother: "Why are you starving the Palestinian children?"

Nothing is allowed out of this template as exemplified in al Durah. We KNOW the child wasn't killed. Any idiot who sees the film knows this and can watch the kid raise his head and look up, and then quickly duck down again while he was supposed to be playing dead. The Agance France Press knows this too! Remember, it took a French Supreme Court decision demanding the full release of the tapes YEARS later after this bit of Pally-Wood was used as an excuse to build a battle cry for suicide bombers to kill thousands! The court had to intervene because the investigators in France were being threatened when they got close to the truth.

Forgive me for going long, but I often feel as if I am screaming into a whirlwind when I try to bring actual evidence of this incredible and very obvious bias into a discussion in the public square. My fear, though, is that this serious and purposeful malfeasance on the part of the anti Israeli international press corps can have only one logical conclusion. That would be in gaining support for another round of the holocaust. Try to remember that the Nazi's got fantastic press in the Parisian papers right up until they were invaded. And after the invasion, which side did France join? Here's a hint: the French Resistance were considered illegal insurgents by the French government.

Posted by: Conrad at January 25, 2010 04:16 PM

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