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March 19, 2010

Israelis Racist Against White Males?

Hardly ten days after the New York Times bureau chief in Jerusalem told Chris Matthews that purported Israeli "racism" is part of why Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are, according to bureau chief Ethan Bronner, more popular in Israel than Barack Obama, a poll showed overwhelming public support in Israel for the American president. (UPDATE: Was AP duped by Ha'aretz? See our latest post on the poll here.)

As AP notes today,

Some Israelis have misgivings about Obama, who is cooler to Israel than his immediate predecessors and has made a big effort to reach out to the Muslim world.

But a Dialog survey of 499 people on Wednesday and Thursday showed that seven out of 10 Israelis share a favorable view.

The title of that AP story: "Israelis view Obama favorably, mixed on Netanyahu." So should Bronner say on his next TV appearance that Israelis are racist against white males?

Posted by GI at March 19, 2010 10:30 AM


Camera does itself a disfavor by trying to label Bronner with something he simply did not say.
Here's the quote:
" I think there‘s also some sense here that—some degree of racism, to be perfectly honest."

Any jerk with an IQ equal to his shoe size knows that Israel has a racism problem. There is not just discrimination against Arabs, but Jew hatred by Ashkenazim against Sfardim, white Russians against black Ethiopans, etc etc.

Is there "some degree of racism" in Israel?

Of course there is! The CAMERA author of this mini-blog should hang his head in shame for being such a blind puritan.

Part of the problem is that CAMERA is in America, and we Israelis live here in a different world that CAMERA workers simply don't understand or relate to.

Just like the hack job Honest Reporting did on this issue with Bronner, CAMERA owes him an apology and should pull this poorly written few paragraphs from this website.

Posted by: Joe Ben Avraham at March 22, 2010 10:22 AM

Dear Joe,

I can only suggest you read the post more carefully. Nowhere does it suggest that Israelis are uniquely immune to the problem of racism or discrimination that affects people across the world.

It does take issue with Bronner's public, unsubstantiated presumption that current Israeli concerns about the American president are linked to racism. If you're interested in learning more about the problem with Bronner's assertion, feel free to hit the first link above. Along with the full Bronner quote, you'd discover, for example, that a July 2008 Maagar Mohot Survey found 37% preferred seeing Obama elected, compared to 28% for McCain -- hardly consistent with the idea that concerns about Obama are based on the color of his skin.


GI, sfaradi, formerly of 8 Shimoni St, Jerusalem, Israel.

Posted by: GI at March 22, 2010 04:34 PM

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