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August 19, 2011

Photo Tilt at the NYT


The New York Times rightly featured an image of the Palestinian terrorist attack in southern Israel on its front page on August 19, 2011. It was, after all, a deadly, multi-pronged attack from the Sinai of a kind not seen in many years. (The Times itself, needless to say, refrained from actually calling it a terrorist attack.)

Yet, while the attacks primarily targeted and killed civilians, the image was one of soldiers.

And, in what is virtually an art form of misdirection and circumlocution at the paper, editors managed to shade the language of the caption to omit the targeting of Israeli civilians, even to leave unclear the attack occurred inside Israel, and to omit identifying the perpetrators -- Palestinians. In contrast to the un-named Palestinian actors in the attack, a bolded headline above the caption made clear how Israel responded -- by bombing Gaza -- and this was repeated in the text of the caption. It read:

Israel Responds to Attacks by Bombing Gaza

Wounded Israeli soldiers were treated Thursday after gunmen attacked them near the border between Israel and Egypt. Eight Israelis were killed and more than 30 wounded in multiple attacks in the area. Israel responded with air strikes on Gaza.

The original AP photo caption that accompanied the image was far more clear and direct, making clear the attack occured in Israel and identifying Palestinians as involved. It read this way:

Wounded Israeli soldiers are treated at the site of a shooting attack along the border between Israel and Egypt, southern Israel, Thursday, Aug. 18, 2011. Assailants armed with heavy weapons, guns and explosives crossed into southern Israel from the neighboring Egyptian Sinai peninsula on Thursday, killing six Israelis and wounding at least a dozen more in an audacious string of attacks that stoked concerns about Palestinian militants exploiting the recent instability in Egypt. (AP Photo/Yosi Ben)

Posted by AL at August 19, 2011 05:49 PM


N. Y. Times op ed writer Roger Cohen managed to write another antisemitic column while pretending to write about Jewish identity in London.

Posted by: jacob arnon at August 20, 2011 08:10 PM

There needs to be an organized boycott of media sites all around the country ....many of us would volunteer to stand regularly in front of radio stations or newspapers with signs to make a bit of noise.

Posted by: R. at August 20, 2011 09:19 PM

This is the exactly the kind of dishonest reporting the left is famous for. Believing the Pali's are the aggrieved party, leftists will lie to further their cause.
The left believe it's ok for terrorists who hate us to kill citizens in the democracy of Israel, then express outrage when the islamic thug-ocracy is bombed in retaliation.
The NYT is dishonest, and will not survive.

Posted by: Don Sharpe at August 22, 2011 09:29 AM

It's a bad day when the Associated Press is less biased and anti-Semitic than some other news outlet.

Posted by: mike b at August 22, 2011 01:02 PM

The problem here with our so-called journalists is that they know the truth but prefer controversy because that is what papers feed on!

Posted by: Edwin Vogt at August 22, 2011 05:45 PM

The reality is that to the media, there are no Israeli civilians; there are only "Ultra-Orthodox 'settlers", or soldiers.

Posted by: Gideon Jones at August 23, 2011 02:06 PM

The New York Times is looking more and more like Der Sturmer. They are not even making an effort to hide their unfettered Jew-hatred including the "self-hating" variety that dominate the Leftist media.

During the 70's and 80's, the Palestinians, in alliance with the Syrians, killed more than 300,000 Lebanese - the vast majority of whom were Christians.

You will never read about it in the Israel-hating media just as they never reported the 38,000 Syrian citizens of Hama who were raped, flayed, crushed, and burned by the Assad government.

Well, TIME did report it as a one column story called, "A fierce battle."

The town was flattened with it people still alive among the rubble.

But, dictators and terrorists control the news that flows out because they control the journalists. It is either, "Print it our way," or not at all.

You will hear about "Sabra & Shatilla" until it is coming out of your ears, but never about the hundreds of atrocities committed by the Palestinian Muslims against the Lebanese Christian Druze.

Just like they do today with the "Libyan rebels" the elitists in the media and academia went out of their way to romanticize the PLO, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a designated terrorist organization from the day it was formed in 1964, who built themselves into a well-trained Nazi-inspired army of 20,000 to 30,000 "Mujahideen."

They nearly overthrew Jordan and helped to turn Lebanon into a Syrian puppet state. The PLO, aka Fatah, is alive and well and operating as the PA, but their goal to destroy Israel and kill all of the Jews has not.

Conversely, when Israel kills a handful of terrorists, the NYT brings out the crying towel for them.

Maybe if they were to be daily bombarded with rockets like Sderot, they might not be so biased.

Then again...

Posted by: Dr. Ron Polland at August 26, 2011 09:03 AM

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