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April 25, 2012

The Guardian: "Jerusalem is not the Capital of Israel, Tel Aviv is"

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CAMERA and many others routinely expose the subterfuge at the heart of The Guardian's coverage of Israel. This deceit was clearly demonstrated in a correction issued for a photo caption appearing on April 20 which inadvertently revealed that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel.

On April 23, The Guardian issued this correction:

The caption on a photograph featuring passengers on a tram in Jerusalem observing a two-minute silence for Yom HaShoah, a day of remembrance for the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust, wrongly referred to the city as the Israeli capital. The Guardian style guide states: "Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel; Tel Aviv is" (Eyewitness, 20 April, page 24).

Israel's Knesset and government resides in Jerusalem. That is a material fact. The Guardian could have remained consistent with its hostile stance towards Israel by stating that the paper does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But to deny reality by stating that Tel Aviv is the capital, when it demonstrably is not, provides an example of a news source allowing dogma to overrule physical reality. It is even more ironic that the photo caption dealt with the Holocaust, an incontrovertible reality subject to denial by individuals inimically hostile to Jewish interests.

Posted by SS at April 25, 2012 02:34 PM


I'm afraid the Guardian is not merely allowing dogma to override physical reality; it is attempting, as so many before it, to create a new reality by means of its dogma. The Guardian obviously believes that, like gossip, anything at all once stated publicly becomes accepted as truth. In short, if they state often enough that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel, it will become a reality.
If they publish that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel, it will cease to be so.
Batya Casper,

Posted by: batyacasper at April 25, 2012 11:33 PM

The Guardian are big liars about Israel.
The Guardian didn't want to revisit the 10 year anniversity of their lies about a Jenin massacre in 2002. The Guardians 2002 Jenin blood libel about Israel was rebuked so great in this article.

Posted by: Barry Meridian at April 26, 2012 11:03 AM

The Guardian is not a newspaper. It is a birdcage liner.

Posted by: Lise Rosenthal at April 26, 2012 11:12 AM

I'm going to call my Senator in New York City and have him call Glascow and see if the Parliament can get them to correct this.

Posted by: Marty Johnston at April 26, 2012 01:54 PM

The simplicity of these lies is even more frightening than the lies themselves as an ignorant world continues to embrace evil doers for some un-logical reason.

Posted by: frankie b at April 26, 2012 06:46 PM

The Guardian (originally "The Manchester Guardian") has always been against the U.S. and its allies, going back to the Cold War days, when they were fervent supporters of the USSR. They still despise the USA, and hate America's allies, including notably Israel.
Permit me to wax "poetic":
---Their lies,
--- No longer surprise.

Posted by: David J., Long Island, NY at April 27, 2012 05:39 PM

Personally, I can care less what an antisemitic and pro Arab publication proclaims. The Guardian is your typical hate filled and revisionist news source that lacks any credibility. They can proclaim Tel Aviv is the capitol of Israel from now til dooms day and it won't change the fact that Jerusalem has always been, still is today, and always will be the capitol of Israel. Why waste time and energy giving such sources credibility by paying attention to them. We know the truth and that's what matters.

Posted by: Lawrence at April 30, 2012 03:15 AM

The problem Lawrence is that while you may know what the Guardian is about, teachers in school systems routinely recommend the Guardian to their students as a good source of news.

Posted by: steve at April 30, 2012 06:13 PM

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