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September 05, 2012

Where's the Coverage? Corrie Lawyer Says Israel is Worse than Nazi Germany


Last month, an Israeli court dismissed the lawsuit brought by the family of pro-Palestinian activist Rachel Corrie who was accidentally killed by an Israeli military bulldozer while serving as a human shield in a military zone in Gaza in 2003 as part of the International Solidarity Movement. The judge ruled that the Israeli military was not at fault and that Corrie had put herself in danger.

Virtually all the coverage of the Rachel Corrie case – and there was tons of it – quoted the plaintiff's attorney Hussein Abu Hussein decrying the verdict. But none of the popular press mentioned previous statements from Abu Hussein comparing Israel unfavorably to Nazi Germany.

Palestinian Media Watch translated and posted an excerpt from an interview Abu Hussein gave in July:

"Nazi Germany was a state based on the rule of law for a short while and it found refuge in the law. [However,] the State of Israel was founded from the start on robbery and theft of a nation's homeland. Actually, the correct and true legal definition of what happened to the Palestinians is homeland theft... We suffer from a great injustice from the giant monster. This monster attacks us daily and bites into our flesh in the Negev, the Galilee, the Triangle [region in Israel], Jerusalem, and the occupied territories, the West Bank and Gaza. Every day it bites into our body."

These comments were only covered by the Israeli press, niche publications and some blogs, including CiF Watch, an independent project of CAMERA, which posted a terrific piece.

So, if some of the attorney's comments are worthy of coverage, why does the media ignore other, less sympathetic comments he makes?

In addition, CAMERA could find no conventional media that described the truly insidious nature of the International Solidarity Movement, which condones terrorism, nor could CAMERA locate any press piece that included this photograph of ISM “peace activists?:

Rachel Corrie 1.jpg

Where's the honesty? Where's the integrity? Where's the coverage?

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