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January 14, 2013

More Artists Call Out BDS Bullying

christophe deghelt.jpg
Christophe Deghelt

Italian author Umberto Eco called their ideas "absolutely crazy" and "fundamentally racist."

Irish writer Gerard Donovan referred to them as "idiots" who try to bully and cajole and are guilty of "outright intimidation.‚Ä?

The band Dervish was on the receiving end of their ‚Äúavalanche of negativity‚Ä?, ‚Äúvenom‚Ä? and "hatred." (Irish justice minister Alan Shatter described it as "cyberbullying.")

And now Jazz musicians Erik Truffaz and Jack Terrasson, and Terrasson's manager Christophe Deghelt are the latest artists to defy and speak out against the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.

Deghelt writes:

For some time now, artists invited to play a concert in Israel are routinely accosted by organizations urging them not to travel there, nor to support the Israeli government and its politics. ...

For the last several days, two jazz artists, Erik Truffaz and Jack Terrasson have been swept into a fierce controversy, a furious and passionate debate on Facebook and other social networks and websites regarding their participation at the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat, Israel this month. ...

We noticed that Erik and Jacky's Facebook pages were overrun with intimidating comments, not from our fans, but from activists. Some of these comments are really obnoxious, rising to the level of sheer harassment and blatant denigration.

Addressing the BDS activists, Deghelt wrote,

Your attempt to railroad artists into a black-and-white dilemma is intellectually dishonest. To allege that by performing at the Red Sea Jazz Festival we are supporting the Israeli government, or that by cancelling our concert we'll be showing our compassion towards the Palestinian people, demonstrates an extremely reductive attitude. We refuse to be placed in either category. ...

Your activism and your intolerance are abominable. Phony Facebook "fans" have posted messages expressly asking our musicians not play in Israel. This is sheer harassment. Moreover, it's really quite surprising because these fans purporting to sway the artists are not fans at all, but simply your army of little soldiers polluting the calm and positive spaces of our artists'Facebook pages. ...

What bothers me the most about your your hatred of Israel, a pathological hatred, blind and most assuredly hidden behind a veil of "political correctness." Your actions don't demonstrate a love or defense of Palestinians but rather a hatred for Israelis.

Read Deghelt's entire post here, or in French here.

Posted by GI at January 14, 2013 05:11 PM


To Christophe Deghelt:
Thanks so much for your comments. You called it 100% right. The BDS activists are far more concerned with damaging Israel than supporting Palestinians.

In fact, BDS activities cost some Palestinians their jobs, when they manage to close down businesses employing them.

Posted by: Murray Freedman at January 15, 2013 08:34 AM

Merci beaucoup M. Deghelt! J'admire votre position et le courage de parler franchement. Vous avez un autre fan.

Posted by: Anonymous at January 17, 2013 02:09 AM

Not only are you right, but you are a beacon of light in their world of hate. Hopefully, they will not threaten you personally.

Posted by: Objective Observer at January 17, 2013 10:31 AM

Thank you Mr. Deghelt, for standing up against the BDS anti-Semites. That's really what they are!

Posted by: Robby at January 17, 2013 11:42 PM

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