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January 27, 2013

NPR's Bias is Showing Again


In NPR's "Weekend Edition" yesterday, Larry Abramson, covering the Israeli elections, reports:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said today that he's ready to work with any government that recognizes his people's right to have their own state. Many Palestinians that I talked to are still skeptical about any Israeli government because they feel like people from the left and the right have abused them in the past. And Netanyahu is still the prime minister and there's not a lot of trust between Netanyahu and the Palestinians.

The Palestinians are also continuing to push on some hot buttons that annoy the Israelis, like calling themselves a state, following last years United Nations vote, and they're threatening to bring Israel before the International Criminal Court. So there's a long way to go before peace talks can start again. (Emphases added.)

Got that? Israelis "abuse" Palestinians, while on the other hand Palestinians "annoy" Israelis. Reminds us of an equally skewed analysis by another flagship American media outlet. Covering the U.S. presidential debate, the New York Times' Steve Erlanger lamented the lack of "discussion" of internal Palestinian upheaval, and the lack of "criticism" concerning Israeli settlements.

Posted by TS at January 27, 2013 07:56 AM


Wouldn't it be better if NPR shows the racist fascist Abbas state controlled media against Jews?
January 27, 2013

PA media justifies historic European anti-semitism
From Palestinian Media Watch:

On International Holocaust Day, Palestinian Media Watch documents that messages of Antisemitism and hatred of Jews continue to be transmitted by official Palestinian Authority TV.

Earlier this month, on Fatah's 48th anniversary, PA TV broadcast a new film about the history of the Fatah movement: "Fatah: Revolution until Victory." The filmmakers chose to open the film by expressing classic Antisemitic demonization of Jews, stating that Europe "suffered a tragedy by providing refuge for the Jews." Having Jews living among them placed a great burden on Europeans:

"Faced with the Jews' schemes, Europe could not bear their character traits, monopolies, corruption, and their control and climbing up positions in government. In 1290, King Edward I issued a decree banishing the Jews [from England]. Following him were France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Czechoslovakia, Spain and Italy. The European nations felt that they had suffered a tragedy by providing refuge for the Jews. Later the Jews obtained the Balfour Declaration, and Europe saw it as an ideal solution to get rid of them."
[PA TV, Jan. 1, 2013]
Is this any less offensive than what Egyptian president Morsi said about Jews being "apes and pigs"? At least he had a Koranic reference; the "moderate" PA is essentially justifying genocide and ethnic cleansing of Jews because of our "character traits."

And nothing gets on PA TV unless it is completely OK with Mahmoud Abbas, who just implied that Zionists were complicit with Nazis in the Holocaust.

The major purveyors of Holocaust denial and antisemitism today are the ones Israel is expected to make concessions to for peace. Does anyone see a problem there?

Posted by: Ed Frias at January 27, 2013 07:26 PM

Why is NPR and the NY Times not talking about the fact the head of the Palestinian Human Rights Foundation Calls the Holocaust a “Myth.
Why does NPR and the NY times constantly turn a blind eye to the incitement and lies by the Abbas media.
Palestinian Human Rights Foundation Calls Holocaust a “Myth?
JANUARY 23, 2013

The Palestinian Human Rights Foundation (Monitor) has posted an article to its website in which the veracity of the Holocaust is flatly rejected.

The article, written by Dr. Mustafa Ahmed Abul Khair, chairman of the NGO’s Advisory Council and a professor of international law, claims that Israel should compensate Egypt for damages Egypt says Israel has caused the country over the years, up to some $500 billion. As an example he uses Italy’s $5 billion compensation paid to Libya for their 30-year occupation of the country.

To support his claim, and to justify the exorbitant number, Dr. Abul Khair says, “the Zionist entity is extorting Germany to get too much financial compensation for the myth of the Holocaust.“

January 24, 2013
7:23 pm
This guy is a PhD. Give me a break!! Sort of like Abbas’s PhD in Holocaust denial.

Posted by: Ed Frias at January 28, 2013 08:38 AM

First of all, Dr. Abdul Khair speaks to all his Arab and Palestinian "fools" and PLO morons. Pity
because the sooner pease is made between Israel and the Palestinian people the prospects for advancing into the 21st century can begin......for
the Palestinian and Arab world. Should that not happen then the Arabs and Palestinians will continue to live in "DEPLORABLE" physical and economic conditions! NOT ISRAELS FAULT!!!!!!!!!!

Geoffrey Dreikman Lombard

Posted by: Geoffrey Dreikman Lombard at January 31, 2013 05:36 PM

Passed along generation after generation is the myth that the jews killed Jesus Christ. That underlying hatred has always been under the surface of the lies, the fears, the suspicious, and the misconceptions, regarding the Jewish people. There has been a willingness to believe anything horrible about Jews, even though the most powerful people on earth at the time, who brought Europe to it's feet murdered Jesus in their usual manner- on a cross, while the peasants watched.

Everybody seems to be afraid to utter this truth.

Jesus Christ the Jew loved his religion and preached it. He was the very best teacher that ever was, and his followers were Jews who sometimes were fed to lions by the Romans.

Originally those who were not born Jewish had to be circumcised in order to become Christians. Judaism and Christianity are the same basic religion, believing in one God, Love and Justice, the obligation to take care of your fellow man, especially those that need care.

Some Jews are terribly ignorant of history, and believe that the land was stolen from the Arabs. Not true. The Jews, proven by DNA STUDIES AND ARCHIOLOGICAL DIGS, were the indigenous people.They will have to learn to live together in peace. Each should live wherever they desire. NOne should be denied their civil rights, and fair
housing rights, to settle anywhere. Segregation is wrong whether it is black people, Asian people or Jewish people. Settling in the home of your choice is a civil right and should not be abridged for any reason.

Posted by: Arline Mathews at February 1, 2013 01:16 AM

I stopped watching NPR a long time ago. They
are a disgrace.

Posted by: Selma Soss at February 1, 2013 03:05 PM

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