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February 27, 2013

Where's the Coverage? 99% of Americans Believe Iran Is a Threat to the U.S.


We’re always hearing that American society is terribly polarized and you can’t get most Americans to agree that the sun rises in the east. But, apparently there is something that unites almost all Americans: the opinion that Iran is a threat. In fact, the latest Gallup poll shows that 99 percent of Americans believe that the development of nuclear weapons by Iran is a “critical? or “important? threat to the vital interests of the United States. Iran ranked as the top threat, followed by North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons and international terrorism.

Commendably, UPI covered the story, reporting:

Gallup said the high level of concern Americans give to North Korea, Iran and international terrorism, could suggest these are areas on which the public would like the Obama administration and its new foreign policy team to focus.

However, CAMERA could find no other major national media outlet that felt this story merited coverage. The Chicago Tribune ran an analysis piece that mentioned Americans’ concerns, only to completely discount them as “a totally irrational fear.? Apparently, writer William Pfaff knows more about Iran’s nuclear program than the IAEA and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Or possibly, like 99 percent of Americans, Mr. Ban and IAEA inspectors are “irrational.?

But, how then does one dismiss satellite photographs indicating a newly-operational plutonium enrichment facility protected by “numerous anti-aircraft missile and artillery sites?? Can photographs be kooky? Nutzo, maybe?

CAMERA had previously reported that a nuclear-capable Iran is a threat to America, but put that aside.

Just the fact that 99 percent of Americans agree about anything makes this poll – in and of itself – worth reporting. Unless... the other one percent consists of members of the media. How else can one answer the perennial question... Where’s the coverage?

Posted by SC at February 27, 2013 10:26 PM


Last week a news item ran citing Hizballah agents in Nigeria and another African nation had targeted Americans and Israelis for terrorist attacks. Hizballah does not have the resources to get around without the invisible help of Iran who is their ally. An Imam for the Muslim society of America claimed that there was no intention to wage Jihad in America, yet. The situation does not favor a Jihad in america today, they seem to accept it would fail. The question then is when would or what would it take for Iran to up the stakes? It will have nuclear bomb making capabilities and has acquired them in spite of international law, so what law are they modified by? And they already have ICBM capability even as Russia has worked to prevent Europe from acquiring a missile shield. The questions are more disturbing than what we know and it is the unanswered question that should be the basis for our perspective of self-defense and what would initiate a offensive operations on our part. I do not believe the current Presidency has that much depth the Oval Office seems to act on the assumption, being affirmative is enough.

Posted by: jeb stuart at March 3, 2013 03:26 PM

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