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June 30, 2015

AFP Attempts to Justify Terror Attack That Killed Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld

Malachi Rosenfeld, killed in Palestinian terror attack.

On Monday night, a Palestinian terrorist attack targeted four young Israeli men in a car fired on while travelling from a basketball game in the Binyamin region of the West Bank. Three men were seriously wounded, while the fourth, Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld, died of his wounds. The attack is believed to have been carried out by a Palestinian terror cell. It is the latest of several terrorist attacks, some deadly, that have taken place in the region since the beginning of the Muslim Ramadan, when Israeli security forces ease restrictions on Palestinian travel between the West Bank and Jerusalem. A June 30th AFP article, "Shooting wounds four Israelis near West Bank settlement" includes the following "explanation" for the terrorist attacks:

A shooting near a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank wounded four Israelis ..

...West Bank settlements are considered illegal under international law and Israelis have been attacked previously in and around them, as well as in annexed east Jerusalem.

This comes across disturbingly as AFP's attempt to legitimize/justify Palestinian terrorism and blame the victims.

Posted by RH at June 30, 2015 12:46 PM


AFP is well known for supporting and making excuses for Arab terrorism against Israeli civilians.
Let me give you an example.
Here's an AFP article from last month.
Let me put what AFP said, then i respond.
Palestinian stabs two Israelis teens: police
May 24, 2015

AFP attempts to hold Israel responsible for the current act of violence by reciting a list of past unrelated event.
AFP tries to equally blame Israel for a Palestinian terrorist stabbing 2 Israeli teens from behind in Jerusalem.

AFP in the article says this.
Tensions have been running high in and around Jerusalem since the killings of Israeli and Palestinian captives in tit-for-tat kidnappings by Palestinian militants and Jewish extremists last summer.

AFP keeps putting this in every article concerning every Palestinian terroist attack against Israeli civilians.
This is not tit-for-tat.
I don't see Jews running around stabbing Arabs or trying to kill Arabs them with a car.
Stop with the lies AFP.

If an Israeli murdered 2 Arab civilians by stabbing them to death, does anyone think AFP would say Tensions have been running high in and around Jerusalem since a Palestinian terrorist deliberately ran over and murdered a 3 month old Jewish baby Chaya Braun in Jerusalem last November.

Or would AFP say, this stabbing was in response to the Palestinians hacking to death 4 Rabbi's praying in Jerusalem last November.
Or would AFP say this stabbing was in response to the Fatah glorifying this synagogue massacre of Rabbi's praying in Jerusalem last November.
I don't think so.
Palestinian TV presents synagogue terrorists as victims
PA broadcast describes shooters as ‘martyrs’ killed in ‘attacks Israel carried out against our people’
November 27, 2014

Posted by: Lisa Epstein at July 1, 2015 01:16 AM

Would someone please state exactly what AFP stands for?

Posted by: Thomas Kaplan at July 2, 2015 05:03 PM

Agence France Presse

Posted by: Perry at July 3, 2015 07:23 AM

AFP should stand for Arab Fiction Press.

AFP are known Arabists and Pallywood liars.
AFP printed a false story of a Jerusalem Rabbinical court sentencing a dog to stoning, because they thought the dog was the reincarnation of a lawyer. When the absurd story was proven to be false, the AFP quietly buried the story and resumed upon thinking of the next blood libel against Israel.

In another attempt to blood libel the Jews, the Arabist AFP recently lied in an article entitled "Palestinian dies after Israel troops fire upon his car." When it was discovered the story was fabricated, the AFP retracted the story. The supposed source for the story was an unnamed Palestinian witness. They were fully wiling to run with the story until the AFP was caught in the lie. Then, once again, when they were caught in the lie, they quietly buried the story.

In another attempt to blood libel the Jews, the Arabist AFP printed a story claiming an Israeli military operation in Gaza resulted in about a hundred casualties who were mainly children. When it was discovered the casualties consisted mostly of Islamic militants, and of the civilian casualties only a minority of them were Palestinians who were 16 or younger, the AFP was approached to post a correction.

The AFP acknowledged the falsehood and subsequently stated they would print a correction. But the AFP did NOT print a correction. They simply reprinted the story without the erroneous phrase claiming the attack killed "mainly children."

Posted by: Steve Meyers at July 3, 2015 01:10 PM

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