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August 25, 2015

New York Times Publishes Notoriously Dishonest Palestinian Propagandist

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The New York Times’ opinion page has become a forum for those who like to vent their bile against Israel. Some are pro-Palestinian activists who welcome an international platform from which to air their grievances against the Jewish state, while others are far-left Israelis who prefer to condemn their leaders and society before a global audience. The New York Times eagerly obliges both.

There is no one, apparently, who is considered too unreliable for the NYT’s opinion pages, as long as they are criticizing Israel. Most recently, the NYT website and international edition carried an-Op-Ed by Mohammed Omer, a Palestinian propagandist whose dishonesty has been repeatedly exposed. (See “"New Statesman Publishes Falsehoods by Palestinian Propagandist? and “Mohammed Omer Levels Unsubstantiated and Contradictory Allegations Against Israel.? )

Describing Omer as an “independent journalist in Gaza,? the NYT avoids mentioning that his articles find placement in such publications as the Palestine Chronicle, New Statesman, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, and other radical or fringe publications that do not much care about the accuracy of his claims.

In his NYT online Op-Ed, “ Gaza, Gulag on the Mediterranean? which also appeared under the headline “Gaza One Year On, Still in Ruins? in the International New York Times on Aug. 25, Omer trots out the same old tired and refuted clichés that are so popular among anti-Israel propagandists: “Israel continues to block sufficient reconstruction materials from entering Gaza,? “The Israeli military, despite its withdrawal in 2005, remains the de facto occupying power in Gaza,? Palestinians in Gaza are “locked in an open-air prison?, and so on. Of course, nothing is mentioned about Hamas' reconstruction of its arsenals and infrastructure in Gaza, and of course, nothing about the rockets lobbed into Israel from Gaza.

Omer also adds some head-scratching new ones: Palestinian society is “diverse,? “Christians have always been integral to it. And Palestinians embrace interaction with people from other cultures.?

In direct refutation to Omer’s claim, a 2012 article by Palestinian reporter Khaled Abu Toameh describes how Christians in the Gaza Strip are being kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam.

Another questionable new assertion by Omer is that the numbers of Palestinians in Gaza who are “attracted to the Jihadist ideology? are “extremely low?.

Elder of Ziyon has demonstrated how disingenuous Omer’s claim is by “pretending that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are not jihadist groups.? As Elder points out:

No matter that Hamas' Al Qassam Brigades attracted 26,000 youths to its summer camps this summer to learn - jihad. The head of military training in these camps calls himself "Abu Jihad." Press releases from the Qassam Brigades end off with "JIhad victory or martyrdom."

Not to mention that the idea that Islamic Jihad isn't a jihadist group would be funny if it wasn't for the fact that the NYT accepts this propaganda as legitimate.

The New York Times has reached a new low. In its quest for more anti-Israel material for their Op-Ed pages, its editors have stooped to publish a Palestinian propagandist who is known as much for his dishonesty as for his anti-Israel activism.

Posted by RH at August 25, 2015 06:03 PM


If you really want to see what a liar Mohammed Omer is.
A Palestinian child named Mohammed al-Farra was born in Gaza with a rare genetic disease. His hands and feet had to be amputated to save his life. He required extensive medical care. Care not available in Gaza. So he was rushed to a hospital in Israel and Israel saved this Palestinian's child's life.
Mohammad Omer tweeted a pic of this Palestinian child after his part of his limbs were removed to save his life. Mohammad Omer said in the pic of Mohammed al-Farra that he was a victim of the Gaza war which was a total lie.
Here's a great article about this lie Mohammed Omer
Disgusting Exploitation of a Disabled Palestinian Child
May 11, 2015

Posted by: Barry Meridian at August 25, 2015 07:25 PM

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