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October 13, 2015

VOA: Palestinian Wounded by Gas Cylinder (That She Exploded)

Maale adumim bombing.jpg
The scene of the A-Zaim checkpoint where a Palestinian terrorist exploded a gas canister, injuring a police officer (Photo: Courtesy of Israel Police)

A Voice of America article Sunday casts the Palestinian woman who blew up a gas canister in her car that day, injuring a police officer, as a blameless victim as opposed to the perpetrator responsible for the explosion ("Israeli Airstrike Kills Pregnant Woman and Toddler in Gaza"). The Oct. 11 article distorts:

And a Palestinian woman was seriously wounded when a gas cylinder blew up in her car at a checkpoint outside a West Bank Jewish settlement.

Here's what actually happened, via Haaretz:

In the Sunday morning attack, a Palestinian drove up to the Al-Zayim checkpoint near the West Bank settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim and blew up a gas canister in her car after a policeman ordered her to pull over. The policeman, 45, was lightly wounded, while the terrorist was hospitalized in very serious condition.

In a separate journalistic failure, the article states:

An Israeli airstrike on Gaza in response to Palestinian rocket fire killed a pregnant Palestinian woman and her toddler daughter. Medics say they died when the building in which they were taking cover collapsed. Several others were hurt.

Nowhere does the article note that the army said it targeted Hamas weapons manufacturing facilities.

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