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October 19, 2015

Who Gets the Facts Wrong? NBC or Netanyahu?

Oct. 20 Update: NBC Corrects: Netanyahu Didn't Spread False Information on Pisgat Zeev Victim

In a highly skewed article last week "about the swirl of conflicting information" concerning the Oct. 12 stabbing in which two Palestinian teens, cousins Ahmed and Hassan Manasrah, critically wounded two Israelis, one of them 13, NBC News charges Prime Minister Netanyahu of contributing to the misinformation ("Dispute Over Viral Video of Shot Ahmed Manasrah Sums Up Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"). Cassandra Vinograd, Lawazej Jabari and Paul Goldman write:

Israeli President [sic] Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the sea of misinformation and misinformation -- but himself got the facts wrong, saying a Jewish child had been killed of injured -- in an impassioned speech telling Palestinian authorities to "stop lying" and inciting violence.

"An Arab boy fatally wounds a Jewish child and after that the security forces stop and prevent him fro continuing on a stabbing spree and he becomes a martyr supposedly executed unjustly?" Netanyahu told the Knesset. . . .

It's NBC -- not Netanyahu -- who is getting the facts wrong. First, Netanyahu is Israel's Prime Minister, not President. Second, Netanyahu did not say "An Arab boy fatally wounds a Jewish child."

In his Oct. 13 address to the Knesset, he said (see Hebrew speech here) an Israeli youth was critically wounded, not killed: "An Arab youth critically wounded an Israeli youth. . ."

Unfortunately, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided an incorrect English translation of Netanyahu's speech, and NBC exploited that error to falsely cast Netanyahu as the purveyor of false information. Indeed, on her Facebook page, Cassandra Vinograd bemoans "the misinformation on both sides."

Vinograd facebook.JPG

Meanwhile, the article does not at all mention Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' false claim that Israeli police shot dead the 13-year-old perpetrator, Ahmed Manasrah. Read here for Vinograd's explanation as to why.

Posted by TS at October 19, 2015 05:56 AM


I'm not going to say that I'm enjoying the way the media is covering this violence, because they're taking a horrible tinderbox of an event series and throwing matches at it with distortions, poor fact gathering, and outright lying. But what I can and will say is that I'm surprised by how often they've been completely busted for that behavior and how often they've had to absolutely eat shit over it; they've lost their credibility and it took groups like CAMERA to show that this loss is richly and completely deserved. Keep up the vital good work!

Posted by: Ben at October 22, 2015 09:05 AM

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